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These are the standards for any of our programs, clinics, or camps. It is extremely important to U.F.A. to develop and promote individual growth on and off the pitch. The Core of U.F.A. and Uruguayan football is GARRA*. Something that will soon be experienced if you decide to register for one of our programs.

*garra - noun

Mostly indefinable and visceral, this is felt and not learned; it must be discovered. It is the act of fighting through any situation with fortitude, grit and tenacity, no matter how insurmountable

origin from phrase "Garra Charrúa"

The United World College Soccer: World Game of Peace Camp

U.F.A. is pleased to announce that we are partnering up with the UWC of Montezuma, New Mexico to bring you "Soccer: World Game of Peace" an effort to use football as a way of teaching diversity and bringing positive change. More information can be found on the United World College website

Estadio Centenario
Autumn 2014: UFA Residency Programme

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a residency programme for high school & university students to come to Uruguay and learn from professional Uruguayan players and coaches while attending high school or university in the heart of Uruguayan football in Montevideo, Uruguay!

Agustin Lucas
Introductions: Agustín Lucas

Agustín Lucas is not only a professional soccer player that plays in the first division for la IASA in Uruguay but is also a published poet and author. It is an honour to have him a part of our academy as the defensive trainer. His many years of experience with professional teams all over South America and the Uruguayan National team coupled with his philosophical background have given him a unique way to approach coaching and you can expect to develop into a great defender.


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Team Development

The team development programmes put and emphasis on tactical training, team dynamics and individual technical skills. Through this we will build the "personality" of the team and work on on-pitch unification through movement, positioning and verbal communication.

Check the Programmes page for detailed information on our Team Development Programme.

Personal Development

The personal development programmes are tailored to the player's gaps in ability and focuses in on the advancement of the individual's techique. The programmes are individual specific and will work on building a player that can pick up any role on the pitch to support attacking plays, defense and counter-attacking, while still growing in their position.

Check the Programmes page for detailed information about our Personal Development Programme.


Our camps and clinics are very intensive and run from about 9am to 5pm, a full days work, and lasts 1-3 weeks. We cover offensive & defensive theory, technical & tactical skills training, and proper eating habits to improve your game.

Check the Programmes page for detailed information on our residential & communter programmes and the camps & clinics page for dates and locations.